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Krinkel international

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About Krinkel

Every 4 years, more than 4000 leaders, staff and internationals come together to create a truly unique activity called krinkel. A 6 day Chiro camp with lots of things to experience and discover. “De Kolonie”-site in Merksplas will accommodate us with camp- and playgrounds as far as the eye can see. Mark the 23th - 29th of August in your agenda because it is going to be one of the most memorable moments of your youth movement career.


  • 4000 participants
  • 1000 tents
  • 12 Campgrounds
  • 1 Unique Experience

Dates & Location

23th-29th of August 2022
Landloperskolonie, Steenweg op Rijkevorsel
2330 Merksplas, Belgium

Get a little taste!

International Campground ‘El Mercado’

Krinkel is split into 12 different campgrounds. One for each Chiro region and a very special one for our international guests. We welcome young people from all over Europe and abroad. During the event we will do all kinds of activities like games, singalongs, evening activities, campfires, entertainment shows both in small-, medium- and large groups (all krinkel members). The theme of the campground will be ‘El Mercado’: a social market with different embedded themes like sustainability, diversity, value of play, etc. Are you ready to join the coziest campground on krinkel?!


Registrations will go via your local youth organizations. Contact them if you want to sign up or if you want more information.

For the Belgians

Een uniek stukje op de Krinkelweide met internationale flair, de internationale kampgrond! Van over heel Europa en de wijdere wereld komen er jongeren afgezakt om krinkel mee te beleven met ons. Je kan je Krinkelvuur nog verder aanwakkeren door deel te nemen aan deze smeltkroes van cultuur. Klaar om vrienden voor het leven te maken met mensen van over heel de wereld? Maak je Krinkelervaring nog een snuifje intenser en schrijf je in voor de internationale kampgrond!

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